About Your Table

The form of bodywork you do will determine the type of table that best suits your needs.  Do you do Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Feldenkrais, Trager or energy work such as Reiki or Cranio-Sacral Balancing? Do you have a constant bodywork technique or would an adjustable table be more appropriate? Are you the sole user of the table, or will it be shared with others?

As this is a long-term investment, keep in mind the types of therapy you might be doing in the future. Buy right, and you will only need to buy once!

Remember to heal yourself, physician! Take care of your body. Whether you are tall, short or in-between; the width, working height, height range, weight and edge-padding comfort are very important considerations. When you work, are you seated, standing or both? Will you be on the road making house calls and need a compact, lightweight table with carry case? Will your work-space be constricted in area? Would a non-standard table be a better choice?

Client and practitioner comfort are the twin bottom-lines. With your client in the prone position, how will you support their face? Is a face-hole just “good enough” or would it be worth having one of a range of headrest options for greater client comfort? We can incorporate the flexibility you need into your table.

Talk to your fellow therapists or get in touch with us. We are committed to assisting you in making the right choice and will share our information and experience to help you work through your purchase decision.

Your Table Specifications

This chart will help you to determine;

  • the ideal height of your fixed-height table or,
  • The flexibility you will need in your new adjustable table in order to adjust to the height changes needed every day in your bodywork practice.

Should you choose an adjustable table? Consider the following;

  • The range of bodywork styles you use across your client base
  • The varying body sizes of your clients
  • If you share your table with other practitioners, they will have their own working heights
  • what will be your future requirements

Experiment with whatever tables you can access to determine which height, or height range works best for you - use a tape measure and record your findings. Table height is the vertical dimension measured from the floor to the top, upholstered surface of the table.

Walk your talk.

Avoid straining your back and ensure that the table you use for mobile work is light enough for you, yet wide enough for your clients.

Not too wide? Not too narrow!
Use this chart to see the relationship between suggested table width and the styles of bodywork you intend to employ.
  • Your table must be wide enough to ensure that your clients feel comfortable and are encouraged to let go and relax; otherwise you will be creating extra work for yourself.
  • Know that in many instances a table that seems to be too wide is, in fact, a table which has not been set at the appropriate height.
  • Remember to inform your client at the commencement of the session, that you may from time to time ask them to move to one side of the table. Advise you clients that they don't have to leave their relaxed state in order to make the move.
  • A table with well padded edges is much easier to lean against when you are working in close

The new range of table tops from Azima will help you get your practice into tip-top shape. Our tables aren’t shaped according to fashion—like an alien spacecraft, but to support your clients!

The best support for your clients?

From our experience, over 95% of practitioners choose a rectangular top as recommended in the width guide shown above. For some practitioners who work very closely to their clients—quite often seated on a stool—the Profile top is an excellent choice.
Your clients deserve the whole body support they want, where they need it. With the right design you are able to work in close, in comfort and in silence.  Bliss

Choose one of the most advanced table structures available; fully guaranteed and covered by our service and satisfaction warranty.
The distinguishing features of our core table design is summarised below;

The Bodyworker
  • Our top-selling structure
  • Maximum strength, rigidity and adjustability
  • Minimum weight, maximum adjustable height range
  • Available in all width configurations and shapes

Order Your Azima Table with Confidence

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