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The Centurion Elite 720
Great value, wide and comfortable.
Just $385.
Centurion Elite 720


Great Value
The Centurion Elite is part of the new generation of great quality, affordable massage tables from Centurion. The Elite is ideal for students and home users, but equally suitable for professionals on a budget. Add the accessories package (pictured below) for just $110 extra.
Adjustable height.
Instantly adjust your table's height with the push of a button. The Centurion Elite adjusts through 8 height settings from 62cm up to 82cm, supporting a wide range of treatment techniques.
Complete comfort.
Your client relaxes onto a 72cm wide bed, upholstered in 60mm layered foams. When your client is comfortable, you can relax and work easier.
Accessory value pack Height Adjustable Complete Comfort

Features and Specifications
Options and accessories
• 3 year warranty
• Tabletop dimensions 184cm (L) x 72cm (W)
• Height range 62cm - 82cm
• Weight 14kg
• 60mm, 3-layer foam
• Integrated face hole
• Fittings for optional face cradle attachment
• Maximum safe working load 165kg (dynamic)
• Fixed-angle face cradle
Adjustable angle & height face cradle
Prone armrest
Face hole plug
Heavy-duty nylon carry bag
Matching gas-lift stool
Matching knee/ankle bolster
Matching fitted sheets & linen items
Disposable face pads

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