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The Azima Professional
Strong, light, and completely silent.
Your table, crafted to your exacting requirements from $594.

Above: The Azima Professional Jumbo 76cm with "Stella" leg system and optional headrest.

Above: "Reflex" structure for enhanced seated access.

Exceptional detailing, acclaimed comfort, extensive options and strong, silent performance have made the Azima Professional the preferred choice of leading practitioners.

Choose from an extensive range of table widths and adjustable height ranges to create the ideal support for you and your clients. We have even included special height-range options to accommodate Shiatsu and Huna practitioners, as well as a range of premium cushioning and vinyl options.

Specialist options are available to support the most diverse range of treatment techniques, including pregnancy massage, reiki, cranio-sacral, chiropractic and many more.

Hand crafted in Australia with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest materials, your Azima Custom treatment table really is the outstanding professional.

Features and Specifications
Options and accessories
• 5 year Structural Guarantee
• Table length 186cm
• Table width 68, 72 or Jumbo 76 cm
• Height ranges (with standard foam):
• Fixed-angle face cradle
Adjustable angle & height face cradle
Prone armrest
• Face hole or nose slot
• Extra heavy-duty construction option
® oil-resisitant upholstery
• Choice of foam systems
• Pregnancy option
• Cranio-sacral extension
• Blood donor option
Heavy-duty nylon carry bag
Matching gas-lift stool
Matching knee/ankle bolster
Matching fitted sheets & linen items
• Much more!
Reflex 66 - 81cm (open reiki frame)
Stella 60 - 81cm
Shiatsu 53 - 74cm
Huna 69 - 90cm
• Weight from 11.5kg
• Durable, layered, high resilience foams
• Safe working load, minimum rating 175kg (dynamic)
• Load tested to 900kg

Product Endorsement
"I have very high standards. I care deeply about the work I do and the table I use has to be the best. I have used tables designed and built by Azima for nearly 14 years. I highly recommend them."
Dhyana Diekmann.
Founder Osho Rebalancing Institute
Cairns, Qld.